The Best Dog-Friendly Venues In Hong Kong

You might have the guilt of keeping your loved pooch at home but feel restricted on where you can go to meet your friends. We’ve found the best dog-friendly venues to try that mean you can please both your friends and your pup. These pawsome venues will get your dogs’ tails wagging.



There is no fixed area within Haruharu, and there is no restriction on the activities. Guests can do whatever they please at the tables, chairs or bean bag area. Haruharu can be the home of the doggies, the home of the plants, and really, the home of everyone. Within the small shared space of Haruharu, anyone can forget about everything and have a great leisure day.


Locofama Events

Locofama comes with outdoor space, wine cellar and an art gallery, serving delicious organic bites and dishes all day. By offering food that is at its nutritional and palatable peak, they are dedicated to providing options to support a healthier lifestyle, and they work closely with Hong Kong’s local farms to source “clean” fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and chemicals.



Pawhub is a 1,000 sq.ft. studio and event space for pets and their owners. The simple tatami and bohemian style décor creates a hipster vibe. It boasts a lot of instagrammable spots, and is an ideal party venue. Pet owners can come here to enjoy snacks and take a break with their furkids. It is sure to delight all pets and their owners.


Arca Society – Terrace

With art and design at its core,  Arca Society – Terrace offers intimate, comfort and modern dining space.  The lush outdoor terrace presents a sculpture by Italian sculptor Roberto Barni, delivering bespoke glamour and comfort. Furthermore, your dog is welcome to join you, be sure to explore and taste the Pawlious dining menu for your furry child, where ingredients has been carefully curated by our culinary team of dog lovers and with plenty of space to run and play.


Gomes' Gastropub

Gomes' Gastropub is an one of a kind pub situated in Mid-Levels with cozy and classy interiors, can seat up to 35 guests. Serving skilfully handcrafted beer, cocktails, spirits and tasty food inspired by all cultures. Poly-cultural vibe and live sports and music.

Easy to access as it is on the main Caine Road besides the Central-Midlevels Escalator with indoor-outdoor spacing design.


NACASA Cafe & Bar

Nacasa Café & Bar takes its décor inspiration from the mood-lit retreats of Morocco and beyond, replete with hanging mosaic lamps, patterned tapestries, and string lights, creating a brilliant exotic atmosphere. The restaurant offers a variety of light meals, staple foods and coffee. Encompassing two floors, the venue can comfortably accommodate 60 guests and is well-suited to private events and parties.